How To Use

Can you connect to phones?

- Yes!

- Lightning to HDMI adapter cable or an HDMI WiFi display adapter is needed if connecting to an iPhone or an iPad.

- MHL cable is needed if you want to connect to your Android device. (Your device should support MHL function.)

Please click the video link below to see how one of our customers was able to connect their phone to the projector:


How to connect with Netflix?


Connect your laptop or computer with an HDMI cable to project anything on your screen!

We also recommend Amazon Fire stick or Roku for some of the best ways to stream your favorite shows.

Amazon Fire stick:



What is the best settings to use? 


- Recommended the best performance using at night or in a dark environment.

- Change the screen resolution to 800*600 pixels when connecting to a laptop or a PC for best performance.


If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us